Expansion of Institution Ale Company

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IAC is expanding!

You may have noticed the construction going on next door to us on Mission Oaks Blvd. We’re proud to announce that we’ve secured over half of that building and will soon have an extra 16,000 sq./ft. of space!

Construction should wrap up towards the end of the year. Once completed, IAC will over double in size – going from 12,800 sq./ft. to nearly 29,000 sq./ft.

What’s the new space for?

·         More Parking - We know that parking on our lot during busy nights and weekends can be a challenge at times. Though we also have street parking on Camarillo Ranch Rd., as well as an additional parking lot down the street, this new location will provide over 30 additional parking spots. Hooray for more parking!

·         Canning - We’ve purchased a new canning line that will be up and running towards the end of the year. The canning line will sit right outside the viewing window in our current tasting room. We'll use our new space to store upwards of 150,000 cans! Expect small canning runs of limited release and one-off beers to be released regularly through our tasting room.

·         Cold storage – More beer production means more cold storage needed. A lot of the space next door will be cooler space to keep our kegs and beer cans cold.

·         Offices – The IAC family keeps growing and it’s getting cozy with our current setup. The new building will provide more office space so we can sprawl out a bit.

·         Barrel aged beers – We’ve held off on barrel aging beers due to production limitations and the hot temperatures of our current warehouse, which is not temperature controlled. A good portion of next door will be for a barrel aging cellar that will be temperature controlled.

More surprises to come – We have a few really cool concepts/projects that are in the works. Stay tuned, more news for what’s in store for next door coming soon!

Anniversary Party: We’ve been getting a ton of questions about whether or not we’re having a 4th year anniversary party. Yes, we’re definitely throwing an anniversary party! Because of the construction next door and our parking lot getting renovated, we are holding off until the end of the year. We’ll post a save the date for some time in December as soon as we figure it all out.


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