-Santa Barbara ON TAP-


Updated 6-11-19


BATCH 457 100% Galaxy Wheat, 4.6% (Growlers Available)


CLARITY Dry Hopped Golden Ale, 4.7% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


MANGO DAY DREAMIN’ Golden Ale W/ Fruit, 4.7% (Growlers Available)


2019 SUMMER SEASONAL Session IPA, 5.0% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


Rx Pils German Style Pilsner, 5.2% (Growlers Available)


BATCH 431 Nitro Amber, 5.5% (No Growlers Available)


BATCH 461 100% Cascade Cryo Pale Ale, 5.5% (Growlers Available)


STATE STREET PALE Pale Ale, 5.8% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


RESTRAINT Maple Brown Ale, 6.0% (Growlers Available)


MOSAIC Pale Ale, 6.2% (Growlers Available)


VACANCY IPA Double Dry Hopped IPA 6.5% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


MAIBOCK Helles-Style Bock 6.6% (Growlers Available)


WHITE WALLS White IPA, 6.7% (Growlers Available)


THAI CHILI WHITE WALLS White IPA w/ Peppers, 6.7% (No Growlers)


THE DITCH Southern Hemisphere IPA, 7.1% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


INSTITUTION IPA West Coast IPA, 7.5% (Growlers Available)


SCALE THE WALLS White IPA, 7.6% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


KEYS FOR DOORS THAT DON’T EXIST Cryo Double IPA, 9.4% (4-Pack 16 oz Cans Available)


2019 BARLEYWINE American Barleywine, 10.0% (Growlers Available)