Updated 3-21-2017

SEDATION Hoppy Session Red4.0% (Growlers Available)

CLARITY Dry Hopped Golden Ale, 4.7% (Growlers Available)

KLARHEIT Hoppy German Style Lager, 4.7% (Growlers Available)

RESTRAINT Maple Brown Ale, 6.0% (Growlers Available)

WHITE WALLS White IPA, 6.7% (Growlers Available)

RATCHED Rye Porter, 6.7% (Growlers Available)

FRANTIC Coffee Oatmeal Stout w/ Oak, 7.0% (Nitro - No Growlers)

APPARITION Rice IPA, 7.4% (Growlers Available)

APPARITION w/ TANGERINE ZEST Rice IPA w/ Zest and Extra Dry Hop, 7.4% (No Growlers)

INSTITUTION IPA West Coast IPA, 7.5% (Growlers Available)

RELAPSE Imp. Red Rye, 8.0% (Growlers Available)

VIRTUE Double IPA, 9.5% (Growlers Available)

KEEP IT 100 Triple IPA, 10.5% (Growlers Available)

THE SURGEON Triple IPA, 11.2% (Growlers Available)

2017 BARLEYWINE American Barleywine. 11.5% (Growlers Available)