Staff Spotlight II

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McKenna Outram|Tasting room manager

As our new tasting room in Santa Barbara is a couple months out we'd like to introduce McKenna, our tasting room manager who will be helping us open up the new SB location! Check out what cool things she's been up to with her Q&A below.

IAC: How long have you worked at IAC?
McKenna: A little over 2 years!

IAC: Favorite IAC beer?
McKenna: My go-to is White Walls, but I love Coherence and Reverie when we have them!

IAC: Where are you from?
McKenna: I grew up in Paso Robles but moved to Camarillo right before high school. 

IAC: What is your new position at IAC?
McKenna: Tasting Room Manager, I'm helping open up the new Santa Barbara location in a few months and eventually transferring full-time there from Camarillo.

IAC: Tell us a little bit about your new job responsibilities:
McKenna: For now I’m making the schedule, hiring people, inventory, + other managery stuff. Once Santa Barbara opens up, I’ll move up there and will be doing a lot to get it staffed + running smoothly!

IAC: What has been your favorite part of your job since becoming a manager?
McKenna: I like the behind the scenes stuff that comes with being manager and I’m stoked for the change of scenery once SB opens up! 

IAC: What can you tell us about the new SB location?
McKenna: It’s going to be amazing!! The building is super cool and in a pretty prime spot. I’ve seen the bare bones and blueprints so I am excited to see it in action.

IAC: What first sparked your interest in craft beer?
McKenna: When I first started hanging out with my boyfriend he would take me out to breweries a lot. I think that’s when I developed a real interest in craft beer. Now every day we have off we are usually visiting breweries or drinking craft beer. The craft beer industry is so much bigger and more complex than I ever knew and it’s cool to be a part of it.

IAC: What were you doing before working for IAC?
McKenna: I had just gotten back from studying abroad in London and was working at my family’s restaurant.

IAC: What are your hobbies? What do you do on your free time outside the brewery?
McKenna: I love being outdoors, traveling, thrift store shopping, and I love taking photos! I spend most of my days off with my boyfriend and/or my family & friends. You’ll probably find us drinking or eating.

IAC: What's one of your favorite memories that you've had at IAC?
McKenna: That’s a tough one! Probably when we have “shifties” aka after we close and we get to sit and drink a beer together. I’m lucky to work with some of my best friends!

IAC: What is one thing we don’t know about you?
McKenna: I can crack almost every joint in my body and it’s always super loud. It grosses people out sometimes. 

IAC: If you could drink a beer with anyone who would it be and why?
McKenna: Probably Fred Armisen or Kyle Mooney because they make me laugh and I want to be friends. 

IAC: What is your favorite album or artist at the moment?
McKenna: Honestly I listen to a lot of rap...usually whatever's on the radio. Or classic rock. My taste in music is kinda all over the place.  

IAC: Who was the last person you saw in concert?
McKenna: Michael Jackson cover band at concerts in the park...

IAC: If you had to drink one style of beer for the rest of your life what would it be and why?
McKenna: Hmmm...I’d probably go with a pale ale because it’s a style diverse enough to mix it up depending on what I’m feeling : )

IAC: Where is your next vacation destination?
McKenna: I looove to travel. My boyfriend and I try to go on little trips pretty often. The next big trip on my list is probably Italy. Or Colombia. Or Japan. I don’t know, I get overwhelmed just thinking of all the places I need to visit!!!

IAC: Which do you prefer on your IAC pretzel? Spicy Cheese or IPA Mustard?
McKenna: Spicy cheese and YELLOW mustard :)

IAC: What do you love on your pizza?
McKenna: Pizza is my favorite food!!!! I have my favorite toppings depending on where it's from, of course. When it comes to IAC pizza, I always go for the Spicy Honey Bacon. But I’ll eat probably any pizza, which I am not necessarily proud of. 

IAC: iPhone or Android?
McKenna: iPhone. Even though I’ve broken every iPhone I’ve ever owned. It’s an expensive addiction.  ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

IAC: What’s one thing you couldn’t live without?
McKenna: My mom! She’s the best. 

IAC: Lastly, how fast do you think you can shotgun a beer?
McKenna: Not fast at all. Are you going to make me prove it?

Thanks McKenna for all your hard work! Make sure you follow us on social media and sign-up for our newsletter below for more updates on everything IAC.


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